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We offer the highest quality certified organic grain for your business


Our network of trucks, railcars, and shipping vessels deliver reliability


Seven North American facilities reduce transit times

Trucks, rail or cargo shipments, we work to deliver to your complex needs.
High Quality Organics
Our worldwide network of suppliers ensures the highest quality and consistency.
Strategically located across North America, Europe and Asia, our facilities are the backbone of our logistics.
Timely and efficient operation is more than our paramount goal, it’s our mission.

An industry leader and your trusted partner in organic grain.

With over 40 years experience in the agriculture space, we deliver more than just grain. Our consultative approach to industry provides insight and expertise to your supply chain.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

CapRock Grain understands the importance of preserving our precious resources. It is with this in mind that we do our part to reduce our impact wherever possible. By utilizing efficient technology, we are committed to doing our part to ensure a better tomorrow.

Labs / Certifications

We understand the need to maintain biodiversity within the marketplace. All of our grain undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure paramount quality.